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Floral arrangements for all your Corporate Events

Guildford Flowers Corporate Events

floral arrangements for all your Corporate events

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One of the many hand tied bouquets available from Guildford Flowers.


One of the many baskets available from Guildford Flowers.


One of the many vases of flowers on offer from Guildford Flowers.


Guildford Flowers specialises in floral arrangements for Weddings, Corporate Events and Funerals.

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Tailor Made Bouquets for the best flowers in Guildford
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Guildford Flowers - Corporate Events

We have recently started providing floral displays for corporate events. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Hearth Stands

hearth stand       hearth stand

A colourful display filling a hearth. Created for the Guildhall in Guildford.

Table Sprays

Table spray       hearth stand

A large table spray, perfect for top table. Created for the Guildhall in Guildford.

Corporate Work

Table spray       hearth stand

A bright, well constructed centre table display for a local event.

Martini       Martini

Table displays for a reception.

Table spray       hearth stand

Milk Jug displays for a local restaurant.

Display Stands

Display stand       hearth stand

An impressive display mounted on a stand. Created for the Guildhall in Guildford.

Meeting /Board Room Displays

Individual display       hearth stand

Individual table sprays for corporate events. Created for the Guildhall in Guildford.

Outside Events: Hospitality Suites etc

Display       hearth stand
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